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Local Temporary Roof Structures Specialist Company Cambridge

Temporary Roof? Does it make sense? A resounding ‘YES’ is what will come from any experienced professional who earns his or her bread and butter from the construction industry. Only an experienced real estate developing company or individual contractor realizes the importance of a temporary roof structure.

Why Temporary Roof?

A shield for safety raised for a construction project! These temporary roofing structures also safeguard the building project against unforeseen conditions or adverse weather such as heavy rain or snowfall. A local temporary local temporary roof structures specialist company in Cambridge offers a rainbow of sheeting options to choose for your temporary roofing needs.

In addition to making your original roof immune to adverse climatic conditions, these roofs also allow you to do further construction or repairing work safely. It is designed to keep the area dry or meet specific requirements for temperature or humidity control.

In this write-up, we will take a telescopic look at what most specialist roof structure companies offer along with the unique advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.

Corrugated Iron

It is a traditional material. Corrugated iron has been in use for ages to create a temporary sheet over your original roof. Also referred to as tin sheet or CI sheets, it still makes the most preferred choice as a temporary cover over a construction project.

After the work of creating a ‘Tin Hat’ is assigned to a local temporary roof structures specialist company in Cambridge and it is done with the construction work, corrugated iron is used to cover the entire roof. On the surface, it resembles an overlapped tile configuration. The sheet is firmly secured to the underlying roof to safeguard the original construction and ensure safety.

The workers adopt extremely careful measures while spreading the tin sheet. An advantage of using corrugated iron sheet as a temporary roof structure is it can be reused several times at different projects. A specialist company employs only the skilled professionals to remove the sheet and install it at another place. Total cost of temporary roof structure covers design, installation and dismantling.

The rate varies from one local temporary roof structures specialist company in Cambridge to another. But usually, it will not feel cool on your wallet. Reputed companies charge more but the quality of sheet and service they offer are worth it. Remember that avoiding involvement of a specialist company just to save money will be anything but a wise decision.

Keder Roof

This option has also grabbed attention of many companies based in Cambridge. They come in a diversity of designs. The exact design varies slightly or greatly, depending on the manufacturer and incorporated tracks of beams usually carved out of aluminium.

This system is a highly effective and efficient roofing solution. It creates a light yet solid working ambience. The only issue with it is lack of versatility. To overcome the shortcoming, many companies are now using shrink wrap. Make sure to contact and contract a specialist company in your area to ensure that everything comes out planned and precise.

Whether it is improvement of your own home or construction of a large-scale project, temporary roof structure is indispensable to steady, safe and smooth progress of work. If you are looking for a local temporary roof structures specialist company in Cambridge, reach out to MK1 Scaffolding.