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Local Scaffold Towers Specialist Company Chelmsford

Scaffolding is an age-old idea but scaffolding tower is a recent concept gaining in popularity across the construction industry throughout the world.

The traditional method of erecting scaffolds was little bit complex and required involvement of an individual or a team of professionals, depending on the scale of the project, who had skill and specialization in scaffolding construction. A significant percentage of accidents that take place at the construction sites have something to do with scaffolding structure. Therefore, a scaffolding stage should be erected as strong as possible in order to ensure maximum security for the workers.

In some situations, traditional scaffolding platforms don’t ensure the required level of safety. Compromised safety is what will give a peace of mind to neither you nor your workers. It will hamper both quality and progress of your project. To address these shortcomings of traditional scaffolding and DIY platform, many a local scaffold towers specialist company in Chelmsford has introduced tower-like structures. Scaffold towers have five key advantages over their traditional counterparts and these are as follows:

One Person Construction

A focussed mind and two skilled hands – this much is enough to build up a scaffold tower. Even one can singlehandedly erect a structure as high as 30ft and even beyond and the construction won’t take more than a few hours to come up. Everything simply boils down to patience and efficiency in following a methodical approach towards fitting different parts of the kit.

Light-Weight Parts

Increasing use of light-weight components – a trend that is a clear deviation from the traditional heavyweight bamboo structures – makes tower transportation a much simpler and quicker task.

Quick Assembling

Scaffolding components, which come as a kit for tower construction, are easier and quicker to assemble. The scenario is in stark contrast with the inconvenient, complicated and time-consuming process of traditional scaffolding. With nil possibility of reliance on guess work, the final output comes flawless. In a nutshell, a local scaffold towers specialist company in Chelmsford can build a tower in no time.


Aluminium suffers less corrosion over time. Therefore, aluminium scaffold towers can withstand wear and tear of time for many years. If taken good care of, a scaffold tower can function for many years to come. However, a scaffold tower is not what you want to buy unless you own a construction company and require such a platform at multiple projects.

Non Special Knowledge Required

Scaffolding towers come with the manual that offers a complete set of guidelines. It means setting up the structure will be super easy if the guidelines are followed to a T. There is hardly any way to go wrong with scaffolding tower construction. Some sets also come with easy-to-adjust legs that make it easier to erect a tower even on an uneven ground.

Once you understand the importance of safety, you will immediately recognize the importance of hiring a local scaffold towers specialist company in Chelmsford. For that purpose, never look beyond MK1 Scaffolding.