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Local Commercial Scaffolding Specialist Company Cambridge

An individual planning to do structural repairs or roofing on his or her house often lacks the knowledge of scaffolding. Replace the homeowner with a construction agency or an individual contractor and not having rudimentary knowledge of scaffolding is dangerous for their workers.

Scaffolding serves two purposes – it helps the workers reach a higher elevation for construction, repairing, remodelling or whatever else is required and guarantees safety for them as well. With the possibility of killing two birds with the single stone, you should adopt a no-compromise attitude towards a local commercial scaffolding specialist company in Cambridge when it comes to quality and security.

Importance of Scaffolding

Scaffoldings are temporary and easily assembled structures specially erected for construction and remodelling of residential houses, commercial buildings and other edifices. It’s important to buy or borrow the right type ofscaffold to ensure the job is done safely and smoothly.

According to estimation, 65% of those involved in construction projects have to work on scaffolds frequently. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some of the commonest accidents and injuries at worksites are related to scaffolds.

Scaffolds are usually made of timber or steel. These platforms provide the workers with an easy accessibility to high elevations of the structures under repair or construction. Scaffolding is primarily categorized as Fixed and Mobile.

Fixed Scaffolds

This type, either putlog or independent, is erected alongside an edifice. The independent scaffold features uprights or standard on both sides of its flat platform, a feature that enables the structure to remain straight without any support from the building under repair or construction. Independent scaffolds are tied or secured to the building at different levels for its overall stability.

The putlog scaffold features upright or standards along its outside edges whereas its inner side gets support from the building itself. Putlog comes with flattened ends secured between courses of brickwork in the structure for added support. This type is used to provide solid support to a working platform.

Mobile Scaffolds

It refers to a kind of freestanding independent structure. Mounted on swivelling wheels or castors, this type is easy to move from one site to another. Many a local commercial scaffolding specialist company in Cambridge now supplies this scaffold type as it saves time for construction and installation.

Other Types 

Of other types of scaffolding structures, suspended and hanging bracket scaffolds are more common.

Suspended Scaffold

Also known as swingstage scaffold, it comes with the platform that can be easily raised or lowered. It is most commonly used to wash the outer windows of the highrises.

Hanging Bracket Scaffold

The horizontal structures borrow support from the floors of building or other structures where construction or repairing work is currently going on. These scaffolds are usually designed by an engineer and undergo load testing and additional safety measures.

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