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Special Scaffolds

Client: St Andrews Church

Job Description: Independent Access Scaffold for Organ Replacement

Location: Much Hadham Church, Herts, SG10 6DH

Duration of Works: 12 Weeks

This internal birdcage scaffold consisted of 2 working lifts.The lower lift provided not only an access but also an area to store parts of the Organ that were to be removed then reinstalled. We felt this would be the most effective way to eliminate the possibility of any damage being caused to the church.

The upper working lift provided a safe working platform for the removal and re-installation of damaged organ parts. We integrated a 1m X 1.8m access hole that was covered with 1.5m boards across the shortest distance. This allowed the boards to be removed and large materials to be passed from through from upper and lower levels safely and internally as oppose to externally where again, damage may of been caused.

As the church would remain fully operational during erection of the scaffold to the dismantle of the scaffold, all scaffold works were carried out in the evening so as not to cause inconvenience. All elevations of the scaffold were fitted with debris netting. At ground level, foam sleeving was attached to all tubes within pedestrian walkways. Plastic tube end caps, fitting caps and men working overhead signage were installed to all ground level elevations also.

Overall, this was a great project to be part of. We felt we provided the client with exactly what he needed to carry out Maintenence on the organ safely and easily.

Our site contact and church Vicar Nicholas Jardine kindly sent us a testimonial after the works were completed.

“Thank you for all the work you have done and for the exemplary way in which you can done it. From the outset, you approached the projects with care and professionalism, visiting us more than once and liaising with the organ builder.

You provided exactly what was required and erected the scaffolding quickly, securely and extremely neatly. Obviously, the same goes for taking it down.

The price was extremely competitive but this did not have any bearing on the quality of your work. Thanks to your thoughtful planning, the scaffolding did not look all that intrusive as well.

At every stage, it was a delight to do business with you and the church will certainly be in touch again as and when there is more scaffolding for which to ask for estimates.

Very best wishes